TGs Killer Features: SQLAlchemy. Obvious, no?

So, as I stated in a previous entry, I’ve been using SQLAlchemy for more than three years now.  If you know anything about me, you’d find it amazing that I have contributed little more than a patch here or there.  Why is that?  I think that’s because every time I try to find something that I need SQLAlchemy to do, it already does it.  I have spent so little time trying ... read more

SQLAlchemy Migrate Process Hiccups

So, I’ve done migration processes for two medium-large database schemas (50-100 tables) and I have found what I believe to be a disconnect in the process of migrating and a database and developing a database application.

The Problem
Here is the problem in general.  I am sorry it is so long winded, but it’s hard to see what is going on without this full expression.

... read more

Open Source Software and Production Engineering

In the past I have struggled with the fact that some of the OSS code that I write wraps other’s work, creating an evil dependency which is not easily rectified.  I am then bound by the wrapee’s software release schedule, as are those who choose to use my software.  Yes, I’m talking about ToscaWidgets.I wanted to break free from this paradigm, and I have taken initial steps in my ToscaWidget wrapper for Yahoo YUI.  Here comes a huge block of code, but don’t le ... read more

Namespacing with Setuptools

Lately I am finding that it is worthwhile to separate projects into their own packages, but since they are all in the same domain, I want to have them share elements for importing purposes. Enter namespacing, which I believe is a little-used feature of setuptools that people should take a serious look at.

What is namspacing? Well, if you are familiar with creating packages, you know that often times they share similar traits, which means it would be nice to have sort of a global pack ... read more